pairings where they “hate” each other but would be devastated if anything happened to one another aRE MY FUCKING WEAKNESS 

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Requests: 3/?? - K Project Ep.9

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IM TRULY SORRY FOR BEING LATE! the sarumi fest is already over

Also thanks to dropletons for helping me with the dialogues!

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Fushimi’s side story “The Blue That Melts Into The Red City”


original scanned by tsukareteru-tako;

written by Kabei Yukako (Yellow)

"Ah, the blues are always butting in!" The delinquents spit out a dull remark and fled to the other side of the alley. Setting them aside coldly, Fushimi stored his throwing knives into his sleeve. They hadn’t been significant enough for him to draw his sword. They weren’t superpowered subjects to begin with. 

"That you kicked them down for us sure helped, Fushimi." From behind a trash can appeared the information broker.

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                     ❝     these people are my family.
                                       & if you hurt them in any way —— i will kill you.     

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original: 猿美詰め【腐】 | SIU

translation: marisemiu

For Sarumi fest 2014! nsfw

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Yata Misaki — Gakuen K
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War Against the Undead [Zombie!AU] | redyatamisaki


   The action was almost instinctive, when he thought about it. Saruhiko had always been there for Misaki back in the old days, and Misaki would always return the gesture. He had thought he had long buried that desire to help Misaki, to comfort him. But it seemed old habits died hard, especially when faced with a situation like this.

   So he sat there, almost enjoying the silence between them. Right now the betrayal didn’t matter. He would be there for Misaki, like all the times in the past.

   As Misaki spoke he let out a quiet hum, glancing over to him as he lifted his head. He could tell Misaki was having a little difficulty getting the words out, even surprised by what he had to say.

   Saruhiko shrugged, leaning his head against the couch. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it, Misaki. I’m not all that tired anymore anyway, so I’m not sure I’ll be going back to sleep soon.” At that he offered Misaki a faint smile. Truthfully he was still tired— incredibly so— but he wasn’t prepared to sleep when Misaki was acting like this.

Saruhiko smiled at him (sort of, it was considered a smile for Saru) and Yata freezes. How long had it been seen he’d seen something like that? He had almost forgotten what it looked like…it sort of made his heart hurt to see it. In a good way, but still.

He sort of stares at him for a few moments, suddenly feeling a lot of emotions well up in him, confusing him. This is all so strange and he just can’t wrap his head around it. What was happening to him? To everything?

"S-saru.." He starts off shaky but he’s gonna say what’s on his mind, he decides, partly because he’s afraid he’s gonna die and also because he’s always been bad at keeping a filter for long. He had promised himself he wouldn’t say anything but dammit, he couldn’t live like this.

"Why are you doin’ this? You don’t have to pretend to like me, ya know.."

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what's your opinion on anna becoming the new king?


Reconnect || Day 2 || AU || Closed RP for redyatamisaki


{❄} ||     Any grandmother would have told their grandchildren before that immature people are those who think they are not immature—not that he was playing an old woman nor it was to emphasize that Yata was callow—but going in the same line of thought, there are times in which the skateboarder bites hard at the slightest provocation. That kind of pride is different from what the bartender had in him; it’s a little bit too raw, too forward, too defensive. Comparing him to a toddler who responds to the most basic forms of stimuli was just inevitable, although it equally shares negative and positive connotations.    

     Izumo wouldn’t press on the issue, letting the ginger finish eating as he trudged forward. As expected, the younger male would needlessly beat him in handing out the cash towards the booth attendant; as he held back his amusement from the ridiculous gesture, his russet stare drifted to the paper band strapped around his wrist—a ride all you can ticket—before turning back to his companion.  


            Ne, no need to flare your nostrils.  Bless his height that he didn’t need to crane his neck to spot that ride which Yata had mentioned upon coming into the bar; a brow was raised as he weighed his options, but then again the soon it’s done, the longer he’d have time for recovery. Fine then, just bring it on.  

      What’sat? Big Splash?  He pointed to the east, right at the signage that peeked beyond the enormous circus tent.   Yeah, that. Or d’you wanna save it for last?

There are so many rides in the park, so many colors, and Yata’s eyes widen in delight and amazement. He loved these type of things! With a newly found good mood, he scoped the area around him, not even knowing where to start. In all honesty he wasn’t very familiar with amusement parks since he couldn’t really afford to go, and this was such a treat. He wanted to savor every moment of it.

At the other’s suggestion, he aimed his orbits at the ride that was being pointed out to him. Well, of course he wanted to ride that, that was one of the main points in coming. The Big Spash. A ride that had to get Kusanagi to stop being such a stick in the butt and finally loosen up. What he hadn’t expected was the sudden enthusiasm of the other for riding it.

"Ya wanna do it first?!" He exclaimed in surprise. Wow, maybe his whole plan was working. The red grins. "Alright, yeah. Let’s do it man!"

He practically drags him to the line, which is pretty long, but he can gather the patience. They’d be wet for a few hours but he didn’t really give a fuck. All he cared about was giving his new friend a good memory to treasure.

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sometimes i just punch the fucking wall like dAMN….kushina anna is greaT

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