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00:00:00 || Countdown to Love AU


Yata reminded him more of a small, overly-excited dog. A bit annoying but sometimes amusing to watch. The way he seemed so determined however, brought a small smile to Saruhiko’s face. "Alright then. Let’s see how good you really are.”

This time around Yata seemed much more focused, and while he did fail quite a bit in the beginning, Saruhiko could tell he was steadily coming closer to his goal.

He raised an eyebrow, quietly observing the game screen as Yata died again, this time with a rather unexpected message popping up instead of a simple 'Game Over'.

"New highscore, huh?" He drawled, tilting his head slightly in thought. Impressive… 

The excitement in the other male was practically radiating off of him, and Saruhiko couldn’t help but let out a quiet, amused laugh. "So you did… I’m convinced you just got lucky." Still, it had been an interesting experience to watch him try so hard just to beat a score in a video game. 

"It wasn’t luck!" He insisted and swiveled around in his chair before standing up, looking proud and mighty. No, that was pure skill as far as he was concerned. He had told this guy he was gonna get something done and he did it. There was nothing stopping him.

Anyways, he had spent almost two days with this guy and he still didn’t know his first name. Which was weird, considering, you know, they were ‘soulmates’ or whatever (friendship soulmates?). Yata’s fiery eyes bore into the other’s blue ones.

"What’s your name?" He demanded. He was gonna write ‘Not (whatever Fushimi’s first name was)’ as his ID to have on the high score chart. That’ll show him.

Yata was having a lot of fun.

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Yata Misaki's b-day


He knew that if Misaki had his memories then and there he wouldn’t be saying such things. Chances are he’d be at Saruhiko’s throat. It wasn’t too uncommon of that to happen anyways. At one point he might have been one of the good people. He might have been someone worthy of being around and hanging out with. But that was then, and the years had changed him. The only reason Misaki wasn’t going to accept anything different was because the memories he had were of the good times.

He hadn’t remembered any of their bad times yet. 

They’d probably come soon enough. And when they did he’d have to brace himself for the storm. This fantasy between the two of them right now was already hanging by a thread, and it wouldn’t be long before it snapped, throwing them both back into reality. He’d deal with that time when it came, though. 

But he most definitely hadn’t been joking. “Sorry.” he apologizes, feeling small as he did so. “Didn’t mean to freak you out. I was just…” trying to tell you the truth, he finished in his head. “I don’t know. But don’t worry about it. Things are fine.” he assures, although he hates lying to him. 

"Yeah." He nodded once and stood up shakily, his injuries still causing a strain on his body. "Hey so uh..I’m sorta worn. It alright if I head to bed?" He had been resting all day, it was true, but something about thinking so hard about his past during dinner just made him extremely tired. Besides, the doctor had told him to get lots of rest. Yata yawned as if to prove his point. “I can put the dishes away first or whatever.”

Only one of his arms could be used at the moment, seeing as the other was bandaged up and in a sling, but he was determined not to be too much of a burden so he sucked up any discomfort and managed to get his dishes into the sink. He stared at the actual trays of food for a few moments, pondering if he should really get those too considering his leg was staring to hurt, but ultimately gave in and left those alone. He turned towards Saru as he exited to go to his futon.

"Thanks for all this. Maybe I’ll remember something when I sleep, huh?"

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So I feel like everyone in the K fandom can relate to this.

The first few times you saw Reisi and Fushimi, you couldn’t tell who was who but by the end of the season, you can’t believe some people mistake them as the same person.

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Can we just talk about how fucking loyal and dedicated Yata is as a person? I think he is one of the most inspirational characters I have ever encountered, if not the most inspirational. He takes everything to heart and tries his hardest at everything which is not something most people can do. He’s such a sweet kid and so much shit happens to him, but he never turns his back on others no matter if they do it to him. Like wow. 

He deserves the happiest of birthdays ever.

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